The ISBC community has repeatedly shown keen interest in Islamic School /School with Islamic Environment. The Islamic Academy of Brevard (IAB) was recently reorganized to evaluate the feasibility for this noble cause. After carefully considering the options and available resources, the IAB is considering to begin with a ‘Pilot Project” based on the ‘Home Schooling/Virtual Schooling Model’ with a goal to grow into full-fledged ‘K-12’ school at an opportune time. High quality education along with safe and healthy Islamic environment is the primary goal of this pilot project.

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The Majlis Shura and Executive Committee are currently developing plans for a full time Islamic school in our community and they need your feedback.

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Download, fill and print the PDF form below. Drop boxes for the completed forms will be available in the Masjid.

(you can also download, fill and email form back to

Jazakallah Khair.