Many Muslims have been in and around the Melbourne area for over twenty years. Prior to the establishment of the Masjed, the Muslims used to get together to pray in various locations in the City of Melbourne, such as the houses or apartments of certain local Brothers. With the constant growth of the Muslim community, it was decided to build a Masjed, a place where prayers could be held every day, at the five prayer times commanded by our LORD. The Brothers began searching for suitable locations for a Masjed.

Alhamdulillah, in 1988, some land was purchased in the most suitable area found, on the eastern part of Melbourne City, and plans were drawn up to build the Masjed. Construction actually began in 1990 and was completed approximately 3 years later. We ask Allah to Bless and provide His Favor upon the many Muslims who got involved and worked especially hard to physically help with the construction by doing such actions as laying the foundation and placing the bricks of the building with their own hands, Subhana Allah! (How Perfect is Allah!).

An “Open House” was held at the Masjed in 1994.

Since then, our Masjed has been a place of great peace and security for the many Muslims who have come here over the years and still continue to come. As a reminder, our Lord has promised great rewards for those who come to the Masjed for prayer:

Mission Statement

We are driven by a vision to:

  • establish an exemplar masjid, through which we will act as a force for the common good of all people.
  • give Muslims hope for the future – raising aspirations and sense of purpose
  • work with our brothers and sisters in humanity for the wellbeing of all the community
  • re-establish the mosque as a community hub – open and accessible to all


ISBC stands at an equal distance with all local business providers to our community members by having no financial interests in any business entities. Business providers willing to donate to ISBC are recommended to do so through the Islamic method without using the name of ISBC for marketing purposes.

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