What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a holy month celebrated by Muslims around the world. It is believed to be the month in which the Qur’an was revealed to the prophet Muhammed.

When is Ramadan Celebrated?

Ramadan takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar when the first sliver of the crescent moon appears.

How is Ramadan celebrated?

Ramadan is a quiet, reflective time of worship, prayer, helping others, and spending time with loved ones.

“Ramadan Mubarek” and “Ramadan Kareem” are common greetings during the holy month and mean “Have a Blessed or Generous Ramadan.”

Muslims that are 12 or older fast during Ramadan, not eating or drinking anything between sunrise and sunset. Fasting reminds Muslims to appreciate their blessings and to help those in need.

Families get up for an early meal before the sun rises called suhoor, and the fast is broken with an evening meal after the sun sets called iftar.

Activities are performed during Ramadan?

Activities performed during Ramadan?

  • beside sawm, zakat and sadaqah, taraweeh prayer, Commemorating Nights of al-Qadr, reading the Quran, and abstaining from all bad deeds and staying humble, our kids and therir parents have some activetes during the holy month of ramadan include:
  • Kids & Youth Quran Competition.
  • Dads & Moms, KahAf Competition.
  • Daily Islamic Trivia Competition.
  • Young Khatib.