Announcment from the EC

Brothers and sisters assalamualikum,
Hope everyone is doing well, we ask Allah SWT to protect us all.
Ramadan is approaching, we ask Allah SWT for its blessing.

The EC had a meeting last night( 6 members) along with the Shura chairman and Imam participation and made sorrowful, albeit unanimous decision.
1: There will be no salat taraweeh in this Ramadan.

2: There will be no iftar inside the masjid. Those who want to sponsor Iftar, will have to arrange boxed food for distribution between Asar and Maghrub salat.

3: There will be khatra on Zoom, inshallah, everyday before Maghrub salt followed by Azan.

We ask Allaha SWT to make this Ramadan the best for everyone and remove this epidemic from the entire globe.

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